Jamie’s Orks

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Warhammer 40K
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Jamie Myles has been part of Drogheda Games Club for about 3 years, and has been a dedicated follower of Orks since splitting a box of Assault on Black Reach with his brother.

Over that time, Jamie’s painting skills have improved considerably, so I’m delighted to start this blog with some of his latest models. He has also become an accomplished player of Warhammer 40K, and has delivered crushing defeats to many of the club’s most experienced players.

First up is an Ork Bommer.


Jamie has gone for a very Orky red, and has loaded plane with as many bombs as he could, as well as a grot gunner for good measure. I really like the Ork boys running along under it too.


Next, we have his Deff Dread, which he’s managed to make really menacing:


Following this is a looted tank, obviously freshly stolen from the Imperium. You can still see where they busted the doors open. I’m sure when they’ve had it a little longer they’ll stick on some Orky symbols and “kustomizations”.


By now you’re saying, “where are the greenskins”, so without further ado, here are a squad of Lootas, which Jamie uses to devastating effect on the battlefield.


While the Lootas unleash pain from a safe distance, Jamie’s Nobz like to get up close and show how nasty they can be, led by a warboss, and accompanied by their pain boy for those all important invulnerability saves.


Finally, here’s a close up of that boss, “sarge” of the nobs and the painboy.



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