James’s Dreadball Team

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Dreadball
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Your erstwhile blogger has been enjoying Mantic’s futuristic sports game, Dreadball, and some legendary games have taken place in the club.

He has been tinkering with his favourite team, the Forge Fathers, since the game’s launch, and now has completed his team, the Holocaust City Kneebiters:


The players are all attached to their bases magnetically, for easy rearrangement of the team rota. Their orange armour has markings for the specialist positions, and the ball carrying players have a metal insert in their hands to allow the magnetic ball to attach.

The standard players in Dreadball are known as jacks, for “jack-of-all-trades”. Although they can perform all the actions in the game, they don’t get the bonuses specialist players get. The Kneebiters jacks have standard orange armour, with no markings for position. The holographic scoop was made from a piece of perspex blister pack, cut to size and painted with the holographic pattern.


The specialist ball handlers are known as strikers. They get bonuses for actions involving the ball, but wear less armour so are somewhat fragile. Their green shoulder markings indicate they’re the fastest players on the team (though they’re dwarves, so speed isn’t their thing).


The tougher players are called gaurds, and they specialise in getting the opposition out of the way so the strikers can score. And if they happen to injure a few players in the process, all the better. They can’t pick up the ball at all, and don’t get a Dreadball glove as a result. Their red shoulder stripes indicate “danger”.


Occasionally a guard turns out to be handy enough with the ball so he gets upgraded to a keeper. They wear even tougher armour than the guards, and can pick up the ball, though they have a more limited repertoire of things they can do with it. They have yellow and black “hazard” shoulder markings.


Finally, it’s not uncommon for Dreadball players to get knocked down, so there’s a special marker to indicate a “prone” player.



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