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Let’s face it, this is an expensive hobby, so anything that can save money is a bonus, and one way is buying used miniatures. H0wever, often the previous owner’s paint job will not be up to scratch, and painting over caked on paint hides the detail of the miniature.

This is a short guide to removing paint from plastic and metal miniatures (may also work for resin, but take care as it can be delicate).

1. You need a bottle of Fairy Power Spray (it’s sold under different names in different markets).

Fairy Powerspray

2. You need some old miniatures. I’ve picked a random selection from different eras. You also need something to put them in while soaking. I find an old jam jar handy.

Miniatures to strip

3. Take the spray top off and pour into the container (jam jar).

Remove spray top

4. Drop the miniatures into the power spray and leave for 24 hours.

Pour into jar and add miniatures

5. 24 hours later they are ready to remove.

Leave Overnight

6. Give them a quick scrub with an old toothbrush and rinse with water. The paint should lift off easily. Some miniatures may need a second soak to get it all off.

Gentle scrub with toothbrush

7. The stripped miniatures. Although there’s some primer remaining on one of the space marines, all the thick paint over it is gone.

Although it’s slightly changed colour, the power spray in the jam jar will be fine for many more stripping jobs.

Stripped miniatures